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 Whole Body Workout

Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary

It is the fastest way to build lean muscle, increase strength and burn away tummy fat.

The reasons why this type of exercise works better than single muscle workouts are:

  • It works the major muscle groups all at once
  • It has a better hormone response
  • It increases your metabolic rate
  • And it mimics routine physical activity

Major Muscle Group Workout

By working the major muscle groups and some of the largest muscles in your body all at once, the whole body workout technique burns more calories than muscle specific exercises. The large muscle groups of the body are second only to the brain when it comes to bodily energy consumption. So, working all these muscles all at once maximizes our body’s energy usage in one activity.

The full body workout technique is also efficient by working most of the muscles in your body in a shorter period of time than by exercising each muscle individually.

Excellent Hormone Response

The total body workout program stimulates the hormones that builds lean muscle and burns fat. And the type of fat that is burned is visceral fat, which is the fat that lies under the muscle layer and gives you that beer belly look. With this type of hormone response to your workouts, you will become and stay lean.

As you build more lean muscle, it will become easier for you to stay lean. A pound of lean muscle uses 4 calories each day more than a pound of fatty tissue just to sustain itself. Consider this an extra bonus for building lean muscle.

Metabolic Rate Increase

The whole body workout technique will get your heart pumping. And it will stay elevated for a while even after you finish your exercise routine allowing more calories and fat to be burned away.

With the interval training nature of this type of workout, your heart will be stressed in a good way. This technique will strengthen your cardiovascular system for optimum health.

Mimic Everyday Physical Activity

This workout technique will help you stay active doing normal everyday activity.

Whether playing sports, housework or doing your job, you typically use multiple joints and most of your muscle groups to stay active. That is why the total body technique of exercising is such an excellent workout technique. It helps you to become better at what you normally do to be productive and enjoy life.

Some excellent examples of whole body workouts are:

These exercises will work most of your muscle groups, and help you burn away that tummy fat. So, start today to develop a much leaner and stronger body for  optimum health.

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